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We miss our very sweet boy. 

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There is a certain softness about the Bengal breed. The irresistable feel of silk as your hand glides accross their shimmering coat. Their soft nose nuzzled against yours. The soft ripple of muscles as they stroll across the room.  The very soft, very faint purr...barely audible. A sign of contentment.

They possess a wild elegance only found in the Bengal breed. 

         The Bengal is a unique cross of a domestic shorthair cat and the wild Asian Leopard. What has been retained is the wild printed coat, the curious and fearless personality, the beauty and strength of movement and agility....all with the loving, trusting temperment of a housecat.







 We have selected our breeding stock from award winning, wild looking, imported purebred Bengals. Our goal: to improve the breed with each litter and pass that amazing creature on to you.

  Our cats and kittens are raised in a family atmosphere with LOVE, kindness, and patience. They are well socialized and exposed to a variety of life's situations, including DOGS, children, and noise. This is essential for a well rounded and tolerant pet. Our Bengals are also cage free. It's not just for chickens, you know! Many breeders keep their breeding animals in cages and seperate rooms. We let our cats roam the house, only infrequently being seperated from members of the opposite sex for obvious reasons. There is usually always someone here, so our cats are rarely, if ever, confined to cages. And sometimes they go for supervised, leashed walks outside.

  We feed a full raw prey diet. Only human grade, freshly ground meat and organs with supplements added. We do not feed kibble or canned food. We strive to feed as close to a WILD cat diet as possible. It is our goal to educate new owners on raw feeding, as well, so as to insure they raise a healthy cat that will live a disease free long life. 

We are a TICA registered cattery and all of our breeding Bengals are fully TICA registered.

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OUR Cattery

 Located in Winchendon, Massachusetts, on the central Massachusetts/southern New Hampshire border.


Land line- 978-297-1496       cell- 781-223-8246 


Hours of Visitation

Visits must be scheduled by appointment only. We are very flexible to accomodate you. Just give us a call.

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